PP Block Bottom Bags are best & globally accepted for Cement Packaging

PP Block Bottom Bags are best & globally accepted for Cement Packaging

Gone are the days of plain jute bags for use in cement packaging, now its time for PP Block Bottom Bags. Though it used to be the traditional choice for decades, PP woven bags – stitched with valve – have replaced them in the recent years. The new option seems to have emerged as the popular choice in the cement packaging industry across the country today. 100of cement packaging nowadays is done using PP woven bags.

The world seems to have moved further ahead – from PP woven bags to PP block bottom bags. PP Block bottom bags are ideal for cement packaging. The current demands for automated filling and logistic challenges due to modern technology and handling systems are met. They marry the advantages of the traditional sack types such as Paper, PE and PP to give a world-class product for cement. 35-40% of cement packaging in India nowadays have converted to the Block bottom option.

PP Block Bottom Bag

PP Block Bottom Bags with Top Valve

PP Block Bottom Bags are manufactured with Top Valve with self-closure. It helps fast and easy filling. High-end machinery provides accurate valves at the top.


Block bottom bags, suited for packing cement, are produced without adhesives by heat-welding of the coating on the fabric. Block bottom bags are available in diverse sizes – in many inner and outer finish designs that are resistant, moisture proof, and recyclable. Block bottom bags are produced by using high-quality materials and the latest technology in various sizes, dimensions, and colour. These bags are specially designed with micro holes that help in exhausting the air to augment the efficiency of the filling station. There are no chemicals used in the production of valve bags.


Higher Strength

Block Bottom Sacks are strongest in comparison to other industrial sacks. Polypropylene woven fabric using stretched tapes makes Block Bottom Sacks resistant to dropping, pressing, and bending. They resist small nails and hooks. They have a zero breakage rate in all stages of filling, storage, loading, and transportation.

Maximum protection

Block Bottom Sacks keep goods intact till they are delivered to the customer. This is achieved by using high strength Woven Polypropylene fabric coated with a layer of lamination.

Lesser space through Higher Stacking

The perfect rectangular shape of block bottom bags allows stacking high and efficient utilization of space. Block Bottom sack fits perfectly with palletizing or truck loading equipment – whether manual or fully automatic. Filled sacks require a minimum of storage space. Their high strength permits high stacking.

Easy Transportation

Because of perfect rectangular shape, Block Bottom sacks fit perfectly with palletizing or directly in the truck. Transportation becomes easy.

No spillage

Block Bottom Sacks are perforated with star micro perforation system. It lets out air while holding the cement or other material without allowing any seepage. The cement does not even come out of bags during transportation or at the time of loading or unloading.

More Market Value through more printing surface

Block Bottom bags take a box type shape after filling so they offer more printing surfaces on the bag through Top and Bottom Flat. It can be read from sides when the bags are stacked. This amplifies visibility for customers, ramps up the brand image and offers better market value.

Resists water, humidity

High humidity and rough handling are easily tolerated. They arrive without any broken sacks at customer warehouse, culminating in customer satisfaction. The sack keeps its complete strength in all moisture conditions – even when lying on the damp ground or exposed to rain and high humidity. In some applications as per requirement, the sack is produced with micro perforations to give it the necessary air permeability.

Manual or Auto Filling – Sack Placing and Filling

Block Bottom Sacks are designed for use with both manual and automatic placing and filling machines. The valve can be made suitable for an automatic valve sealing process after filling.


Block Bottom Sacks are fully recyclable. These can either be reused as sacks or recycled to make other products or used as fuel in cement plant. It has welded ends. No toxic glue is used. It results in less breakage or less spillage. Hence it avoids pollution of any kind. Block Bottom Sacks are required in low weight so the raw material is also saved.

Economically Viable

Block Bottom Bags have a low failure rate and breakage. This is a key economic factor and a big environmental benefit.


  1. 100% customized PP valve sack with any customized size and colour
  2. UV protection from 200 to 1600 hours
  3. Valve for easy filling
  4. Economically viable
  5. Recyclable and reusable
  6. High strength and increased tear resistance
  7. Tamper-proof as it is hermetically sealed
  8. State of art master batches/pigments used to make dark coloured bags
  9. Bags are matched exactly with the pantone shades as per requirement
  10. A wide range of colour options such as white,brown, red, yellow, green, black without shade variations are available