Why Fogla Corp is a Top Supplier in LABSA, Surfactant Chemicals?

Why Fogla Corp is a Top Supplier in LABSA, Surfactant Chemicals?

Since we began our illustrious journey four decades ago, experience and expertise have made us one of the leading producers and exporters of Labsa, surfactant chemicals in India. With operations based out of Kolkata, we have manufacturing facilities strategically located across India. Helmed by Mr. Vishnu Kumar Fogla, we are strongly positioned to cater to the demands of domestic customers as well as those in foreign countries. We rank high on account of cutting-edge technology, fully integrated production units with imported equipment, and a strong financial profile. As a quality driven organization committed to excellence, we have set a high global benchmark for surfactant chemicals.

Top Trusted Supplier in LABSA

A highly trusted name in the supply of LABSA (Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid), we have achieved global distinction in its production. The quality of LABSA produced here is far superior to what is available from competitors. It is viscous, light coloured, high active, low moisture, low free oil, and low free acid – with high active detergency. These product features bring a certain edge to the brand.


The total quantity of exports of all our products ranges from 75000-80000 metric tons per year. This impressive volume speaks volumes about the global demand for our excellent products and also our capacity to meet this rising demand from the international markets. Efforts to ramp up production capacity have been


Premium packaging, shipping, and timely delivery are other key contributors to the growth story. We provide packing in varieties as per customer’s needs and offer the products primarily in new HM, HDPE drums, IBCs, bulk in tankers, and ISO tanks. Nothing other than HDPE drums are used – of 250, 235, 210 kgs capacity – along with new plastic pallets. No reconditioned materials are ever used. PP bags and woven sacks are also used for packing some products.

Global association

P&G, HUL, COLGATE, UNIVAR, MUKWANO, ANASTACIO are some giant brand names we are associated with. It is a matter of immense pride that our leadership status in this domain has been recognized by leading names from the FMCG sector. It is an approval of the standards maintained and the future looks bright for more such relationships.


There are different variants of LABSA available¸ and as per customer product formulations. We provide LABSA 90 and 96 (H2P and L2P type) and these are suitable for detergent powder, liquid, emulsifier, washing agent, detergent cake, distemper.


We are a trusted name for LABSA. Customers trust us for the consistent quality control checks. We are well-known for matching its quality with the expectations of the customers. Also, the specifications are customized. No other group takes so much initiative for customer satisfaction. Besides, we are known for employing advanced technology for the production processes. This makes us perhaps the only Indian company in the surfactant industry to manufacture all kinds of surfactants. We adhere to commitment and always aim at improving our services. This has become a part of our tradition and the prime reason behind our success story.