Leading FMCG Brands globally trust Surfactants from Fogla Corp

Leading FMCG Brands globally trust Surfactants from Fogla Corp

Fogla Corp surfactants enjoy the trust of leading FMCG brands from all over the world. Stringent quality controls and world-class manufacturing facilities have made us a globally respected brand. Aware of the fact that surfactants made by Fogla group are the best available in the market, the leading companies do not experiment with any other variant as their own commitment to quality does not allow that.

FMCG client companies

We at Fogla Corp are immensely proud and gratified to be associated with the FMCG giants such as Unilever, PG, Colgate, Palmolive, Reckitt Benckiser, ITC, UNIVAR, Dabur, Patanjali, Jyoti Laboratory, and Doctor soap. These reputed companies – located in India and abroad – buy LABSA and AOS from us. Our business links have been established for more than a year and in some cases, the ties are more than five years old and even more than a decade. Such long duration partnerships establish how reliable our products are on the market.

Leading Surfactants products

We produce many surfactants but the highest-selling product is none other than LABSA. The second-most popular product is AOS – Alpha Olefin Sulphonate. Along with these two, a new addition to the product line called SLES – Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate – is registering steady growth in the market. These products are mostly used in shampoo, handwash, body wash, and detergents.

Targeted industries

Each kind of our surfactant focuses on a particular kind of industry. While classifying buyers for surfactants, it is noted that LABSA aims to penetrate the detergent and the home care industry. For AOS known as a foam booster,
personal care, construction chemicals, emulsifiers, and detergent industry are the key targets. SLES has a core focus on personal and detergents alone. SLS also caters to personal care, oral care, and detergent manufacturers.

Big competitors

There are some Indian companies who are also manufacturers of chemicals with a wide base of customers both in India and in the global market.  Names that figure high on this list are Godrej, Aarti, Galaxy surfactants, Laxmi Agro, Aromatics India, and Khurana Oleo. Maintaining our leading position in the long term as a surfactant manufacturer and supplier continues to be the prime objective.


We at Fogla Corp are recognised as the sole manufacturer of the complete range of surfactant chemicals in India. We are a trusted name because we are equipped with the latest technology in our plant which helps us in providing the best quality of the product. We are preferred over any other competitor because we are committed towards timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

We remain steady in the path of progress and our surfactant brand is all set to grow further in the coming years. With global trust in our favour, the world has become a veritable ground for our rapid expansion.