PP Woven Bags is the Right Choice For Bulk Packaging

PP Woven Bags is the Right Choice For Bulk Packaging

Bulk packaging was a key issue but with the emergence of PP woven bags, this problem appears solved. The traditional choices available earlier before the introduction of PP woven bags seemed to serve the purpose but there were several problems associated with those primary options such as Hessian Sacks, Jute Sacks, and Paper Bags.

Traditional Challenges

In the traditional packaging medium, there were several challenges involved. The prime challenge was the considerable loss of material due to handling. Besides, high costs and lack of adequate supplies further made the situation complicated. The lack of durability of such bags posed a major problem. Since these are all significant issues, the need to find a suitable packaging solution finally led to PP woven bags.


PP woven bags have emerged suitable on account of various attributes such as sufficient tensile properties, weather resistant, resistant to handling abuses, adequate dissipation of moisture and temperature. These matter a lot in ensuring product quality and safety when it comes to bulk packaging.

Benefits and Features

PP woven bags allow low seepage and provide excellent moisture prevention. Unlike jute bags, contamination is low to moderate. Organoleptic deterioration is minimum. The supply is abundant and easy, available throughout the year, unlike jute which is seasonal. In terms of cost, it is low vis-à-vis jute and paper. Its stack stability and drop test performance are good. Energy recovery is high and it provides good scope for reusability.  There is no biodegradability in PP woven bags. There is no microbial attack or air-borne pollution involved here. Aesthetics
is good and operational convenience is also good. Compared to jute and paper, its seam strength is, however, low.

Feature Description

Liner helps protect the material from the hazards of external weather. These are mainly used in sugar bags. Lamination gives a better finish and improves the aesthetics of the bags and also enables quality printing. BOPP improves the finishing quality of the bags and provides better printing capabilities.

Industry Demand

Fertilizers, sugar, detergents, foodgrains, pulses, cement and chemicals are some of the major types of industries generating huge demand for PP woven bags on account of their multiple advantages. There is a likely rise in its demand from the domestic as well as the overseas market in the coming years.

PP Woven Bags for Firm Feed Industry

Load capacity

In the case of bulk packaging, the minimum quantity is 25 kgs. These can carry up to 50 kgs. Besides, there is another category called jumbo bags meant for higher capacity.


PP woven bags have become the preferred choice in packaging and logistics. It has several advantages to offer. It is easy to handle. Its better storage capacities increase shelf life. It is resistant to multiple handling and weather conditions. It gives better printing and hence enhanced brand visibility. It is cost-effective, recyclable and reusable. With so many major advantages, it has become the best option available today. Small wonder, it is the right choice for bulk packaging.